Download Battlefield 1942 + Desert Combat Final + Custom Maps + other Files

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Download Battlefield 1942 + Desert Combat Final + Custom Maps + other Files

Сообщение NUKE » Вт дек 28, 2021 00:07

Since the download links for the game haven't been working for quite a while already, and I couldn't find another related thread on the forum, I decided to create one here, so you can easily find all necessary files.

One File Setup: Battlefield 1942 + Desert Combat Final
Collection of custom maps for Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat
List of contained maps:
Parcours Challenge
Parcours Challenge Part Two

Desert Combat:
DC Baghdad
Dignitas Infantry
Midnight At Berlin
TL Tank Arena
VXF DC Fly Zone II

DC Final:
Act Of Valor
Alpine Incursion
BlackMantis Dust
BlackMantis Takeoff
City Streets
DC Basrah StuntDay
DC Comanche
DC Drunken Seals
DC Gothic Line
DC Iceworld Daytwo
DC Iceworld Final
DC Liberation Of Harlingen
DC PavlovHouse
DC Slovenian Alps
DCF Desert Storm
DCF LostPalace
DCF Immersed
DCF Twin Citys
DCFR Anzio
DCFR Battle Of Pavlov
DCFR Battle Of Stalingrad
DCFR Desperado
DCFR Dim Dang Village
DCFR El Rajhi Pass
DCFR Essen
DCFR Falaise Pocket
DCFR Gulf Of Oman
DCFR Karelia
DCFR Knife Island
DCFR Leningrad
DCFR Mimoyecques
DCFR Omaha Beach Today
DCFR Pavlov House Knife
DCFR Salerno
DCFR Sniper War
DCFR Tundra Lake
DCFR Ypern
DCM Harbor
DPV Rally
GFH 1st Push
Oasis Takeover
Rescue Mission
Tears Of The Sun
The Suck
Unholy City Of Doom

Unpack the archive into the root folder of your Battlefield 1942 installation

Other Files:
  • BF1942.exe with modified menu resolution
    The game has a fixed menu resolution of 800x600. On some computers, this can cause trouble starting the game. Another problem can happen, if you try to tab out or quit the game. While doing so, the desktop resolution can change unwanted to 800x600. To solve those problems or if you just prefer to have the menu stretched fully on your screen, you can download one of the files below, matching your monitor resolution.

    1. Before copying the patched file, make sure your resolution in the video settings in the game are set accordingly to your monitor resolution. The file in the archive works only for one specific resolution!!!
    2. It's recommended to make a backup of the old BF1942.exe before copying the new one. Copy the BF1942.exe from the archive into the root folder of the game overwriting the old file.


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Re: Download Battlefield 1942 + Desert Combat Final + Custom Maps + other Files

Сообщение BOMBODROMM » Сб янв 29, 2022 11:55

Hello Battlefield Friends,

Great Maps thats for sure, just Download Maps and push to the original BF Folder and ready. No Install no Setup. Super Easy yeaaaah!
See you at the Combat Zone Adios......... :ugeek:

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