Hello officers

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capt price
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Hello officers

Сообщение capt price » Сб фев 11, 2017 13:59

Hi all...
I am new in maxnet server but i am too old in bf1942 :D
I want to thanks to server admin and managaer who give the rebirth to bf1942 DC.
My game name is capt price
I played almost every server. but the fun i had in maxnet server never compete at all.
I am from INDIA.
And i am good technician
But i hate planes.

CYA Officers, comrades, And my mates.
People i know in game is SAID, kefisk...

CYA in bf.

I need a DC CLAN TOO :) MAybe swift or thunder as they accept ;)

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Re: Hello officers

Сообщение Jeff » Вс фев 12, 2017 01:16

Thanks for positive recall! :D

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Site Admin
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Re: Hello officers

Сообщение admin » Вс фев 12, 2017 23:40

hi, capt price! you always welcome on our server! :)

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