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Ban List

Добавлено: Вт мар 21, 2017 12:07
TOKYO, ban 1 day. Attack from mainbase, Team kill

서버의 규칙을 위반 하루 동안 금지.
기본베이스 친절한 화재와 화재.

Re: Ban List

Добавлено: Ср май 17, 2017 14:48

1 week - maphack, foghack.

Re: Ban List

Добавлено: Вс июл 23, 2017 00:41

ban: 4c under flag on CTF

Re: Ban List

Добавлено: Пн фев 12, 2018 21:02
WaIMartSecurity advertising of other resources
BAN = 3days

12/02/2018 14:13:25: # [Global] WalMartSecurity: 14567 and 14568

Re: Ban List

Добавлено: Вс фев 24, 2019 14:41
hi.i am cranberrie.i have complain about ermeniaslavik.he tkled me 20-30 time today.i didnt tk him.he do same to ops lee.he just coming to tk again and again.ashiba is whitness.u can ask him.i will post also pictures.he always doing same thing to ops lee.u can ask him too.if u dont ban him he will do always same.because there is no admin mostly at server.he is animal.

Re: Ban List

Добавлено: Вс мар 17, 2019 20:39
17.03.2019 20:34:18 : Player Maestro 77bb3b556caa3efffb0f6450773b4ff5 [unknown] banned by Alex until Mon Mar 18

Реклама сторонних серверов, спам. 1 день.