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Пт сен 13, 2019 12:23
Форум: Штрафбат
Тема: Обсуждение нарушителей
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Re: Обсуждение нарушителей

admin писал(а):sorry, there were some problems with server, now its ok, everyone can play

Thanks admin, for solving the issue. now we can play again.
Пт сен 13, 2019 12:15
Форум: Администрация
Тема: Набор в админ-состав
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Re: Набор в админ-состав

hi.i reguest to be admin.İ play so often at server.i play this game since 2007.i am cranberrie.i can speak eng and turkish.i have experiance about game.i respect rules.And as an old cheater i can understand who is cheating.iam 42 years old.i have store for womens in turkey.i have time to play.i use...

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