Server Rules

There are a number of rules on our server and disobedience is punishable by a ban. Read them, remember and don’t break them.


  • To use cheating software and game bugs.
  • To attack from your mainbase (uncapturable base) in CONQUEST game mode. (BASECAMPING/CAMPE)
  • To attack enemy’s base (uncapturable base) from any kind of weapon. (BASERAPING/RAPE)
  • To intentionally kill your teammates. (TEAMKILL/TK)
  • Rough talk, flooding in chat or radio-teams. (FLOOD)
  • To use equipment as a taxi. (TAXI)
  • To disrupt the team balance. (TEAMBALANCE/TB)
  • To put C4 (deathpack) under own flag in CTF game mode. (C4)
  • To beach ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. To get them out of map borders.
  • To destroy your team’s equipment.
  • To intentionally inflict damage on your teammates.
  • To take away equipment from your teammates during repair process.
  • To use another’s or offensive nicknames and clan tags.
  • To use non-Latin letters and forbidden characters in nicknames.
  • To advertise something.
  • To avoid a ban. Don’t try to avoid a ban - it will lead to an even longer ban.

Server Status

  • Address:
  • Port:
  • Status:
  • Map:
    dc al khafji docks
  • Type:
  • Players:
    1 / 60
  • Time:
    22:36 / 34:00
  • Coalition:
  • Opposition:
  • PopenGagen

Teamspeak status

  • Address:
  • Status:
  • Users:
    3 / 512
  • BOY
  • 221B
  • анал