Welcome to the web site of the Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Final game server.

In spite of its age, this game holds one's ground in the ability to involve player into gaming experience with such shooters as Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and other modern games.

It all started from this game. This is classic, and classic will be alive forever!

Join and play with us!

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Detailed information on where to download the game, how to set up, and how to connect to the server can be found here.

You can find TeamSpeak 3 voice chat on our server. To know how to set up TeamSpeak 3 client read and watch here.

Don’t forget, there are rules on our server and breaking of them is punishable by a ban. Play honestly, respect both your enemies and teammates. Rules are announced in the relevant site section, please read them, remember, and don't violate.

If you have any problems with starting the game or connecting to the server or you just have questions and suggestions, message us on social networks. You can find our accounts on VK and Facebook in the "contacts" site section. You can also get in touch with us through our contact form.

Server Status

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    0 / 60
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    8:01 / 34:00
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Teamspeak status

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